Preventive Dentistry Windsor

Preventive Dentistry Windsor

We want to help you achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of. The kind of smile that you can’t help but share in a photo-op, at the dinner table, or even for a job interview you’re about to ace. But just as important is the fact that your oral health really matters – and if ignored, it can result in negative consequences for your entire body. That’s why you need to play an active role in caring for your smile.

Preventive dentistry in Windsor can help protect your smile from …

  • gingivitis
  • cavities
  • costly emergency treatment
  • and the alignment of restorative work.

The preventive options we provide at our comfortable practice include …

  • sealants
  • sports mouthguard
  • fluoride treatment
  • root canal treatment

What happens during a checkup?

Our friendly, qualified team will look for signs of tooth decay during your appointment. If you have it, we will recommend white fillings to prevent further decay. If it’s spread too far (we always hope it hasn’t!), a root canal or tooth extraction may be necessary.

A full cleaning and polish from one of our registered dental hygienists will have you feeling minty-fresh. This is when we’ll get rid of the plaque that your toothbrush didn’t.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of preventive dentistry in Windsor! Proactive thinking makes for smooth planning, ensuring that regular dentist visits are part of your good health routine. It’s as important as brushing and flossing twice a day!

Preventive Dentistry Windsor
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