SureSmile® Is A Solid Option For Straighter Teeth

Have you been dealing with crooked teeth for most of your life? Do you have a teenage son or daughter who is self-conscious of their smile because of its appearance? No matter your situation, SureSmile® from your dentist in Windsor could be the perfect answer to your problems.

Thanks to advancements in techniques and technology, we can offer patients a path to a straighter smile without the metal look of traditional braces.

An explanation of how SureSmile® straightens teeth

There are two factors that make the SureSmile® system a success: the physical force of clear plastic aligners and advanced digital planning to shift teeth. At Devon Plaza Dental, Dr. Gary Mannarino will work with SureSmile®’s digital lab specialist to create a customized treatment plan that meets your needs and desires. The plastic aligners that are fabricated will gradually move teeth over time into the correct position for an aesthetically pleasing smile and one that is healthy. It’s well-known that crooked or crowded teeth and a bad bite can make it difficult to brush and floss teeth properly. Other problems that can arise include:

  • tooth loss
  • damage and chipping
  • trouble speaking or chewing
  • deterioration of the enamel.

More than half a million people have experienced the power of SureSmile®. Could you be next? Call our office today for a no-obligation consultation to find out.

Get in touch for a SureSmile® consultation

  • Increase your confidence
  • Lower your risk of cavities
  • Achieve a picture-perfect smile
  • Help prevent gum disease